Are you a creative person?
Does your career involve music or movie production, photo shoots, commercials, art shows, concerts, creative dance, event, corporate & wedding planning?
Do you own a space that may be used for any of the events above?
Today we’re talking to Alyas from Spacefy, an online marketplace based in Toronto that connects creative people and companies with creative spaces to make use of.

Spacefy enables you to search thousands of spaces online to fit your criteria. Find art galleries, loft apartments, event venues, boats and more to help create your project.
List your space during idle hours, slow seasons or off days as a way of bringing in extra cash flow.

Spacefy’s team was a sponsor of Tradeshow Noir, Toronto's newest experiential showcase aimed at providing more value for both the exhibitor and attendee through innovative event technology, creative products and décor. 

The expo debuted in march at the Delta by Mariott Toronto Airport Hotel and was a huge success with Spacefy putting on a great exhibit. Tradeshow Noir's owner and co-creator Lawrence Comiskey caught up with Alyas Ali recently to chat about Spacefy, their business philosophy and the environment.

Tell us about Spacefy and who would benefit from it.
“Spacefy was born out of the idea to enable creatives to find spaces for their various projects, events and productions. Also to help space owners capitalize on the sharing economy and make money from short term rentals of their space for creative purposes. Those who have a space list it, and those who are looking for it, find it - we connect them together”

Toronto, Ontario

What types of events best suit Spacefy's services? Have you been involved in any high profile types of events?
“We help with all events, big and small. Working with creatives, no two jobs are ever the same. Sometimes it’s a small shoot for a music video, other times it’s helping to organize a mid to large size event. At the end of the day, we’re really just about connecting creatives with space owners/managers who are up for hosting creative projects, productions and events.”

Toronto, Ontario - 1919 Historic Movie Theatre

Can you relay any advice for students and newly developing/start up companies that might help them succeed in their business journey?
 Try to be different. Find out an area that’s being underserved or could be improved upon. There’s an old saying that in order to get people to move to a new product or service, it has to be at least 2x better or ½ the price of the current options on the market.”

On Spacefy's business philosophy.
“Relationships are key. Always try and help people whenever you can. It can come back to you more than you know. Obviously prioritize the level of your ability to help, but I find that if you make a habit of connecting people without expecting anything in return, it comes back to you in a big way.”

Pollution, climate change and global warming is real. How does Spacefy contribute to the reduction of waste and pollution?
 “Part of the whole idea of Spacefy is to harness unused space and monetize it. Quite often, we try to capitalize on idle time in some of the locations listed on our site. These spaces are being heated, lit, paid for. Why not try and make some money off of them in the in the process?"    
“Alternatively, the process of manually pounding the pavement and driving around to different locations to scout spaces, take pictures, etc., can be wasteful. We’re doing our best to limit that interaction too.”

Tradeshow Noir's team will be sitting down with more innovative Toronto based companies in the coming weeks so keep an eye out for all of our interviews with the companies we love to work with! 
Special thanks to Alyas Ali and the whole Spacefy team! 

Visit to find a space & click here to pre-register for Tradeshow Noirs next showcase, TBA in the near future.

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